Toner: Caudalie

caudalie toning lotionToner is a strange concept to a lot of people.

Why, after you wash your face, would you need to clean it some more? Well, first consider that there are some undesirable elements in our tap water that aren’t good to have on your face all night.

And if you’re like me, you can’t use a clarisonic every night so you’re bound to have some leftover dirt/makeup/etc. In addition, a good toner will help your skin retain moisture (just make sure it’s alcohol-free).

The best toner I have come across is from Caudalie, a French brand that is sold at Sephora & Nordstrom. Incredibly hydrating, doesn’t smell like rubbing alcohol, and is 94% natural (whatever that means).

But every little step towards “natural” counts I suppose…