Search for the perfect Body Butter

I’ve always preferred body butter to regular lotion. Remember when those Body Shop body butters were all the rage back in the late 90s?

God, I loved the coconut kind. But I would go through it so quickly that paying $18+ each time was a bit pricey. In addition, the key ingredients always sounded lovely (shea butter, cocoa butter, etc.). But surprise, surprise, look at the full ingredients and you’ll see an unsavory assemblage of preservatives and fragrances. Would you eat something called Methylparaben?

It’s important to remember that our skin is our largest organism and is permeable to all chemicals. What is more, this junk gets into your blood stream. A common defense form these companies & their proponents is that these products have a very small percentage of preservatives, chemicals, etc. But why even risk it?

So I searched for an alternative. Something just as moisturizing, smells great, and doesn’t leave my skin too greasy. It took me a while, but I was at Whole Foods one day, taking my sweet ass time (I’m always in there for at least an hour), and decided to peruse the lotion aisle. The “Yes to Carrots” line caught my eye because I thought it sounded gross. I love to eat carrots but the smell of them?

Tried the tester and it felt great and the smell was quite pleasant and very mild. I used this for several months and loved it. Would put it on right after the shower. By the way…I heard the best tip from the guy who ruined the Police’s “I’ll be Watching You” for me forever…Puff Daddy: Don’t dry off first. Put your lotion on with wet skin. It  seriously works even though it’s from a sketch-ball source.

But I naively thought that everything at Whole Foods was as pure as the soul of my fat cat Moses (not Jack who has the soul of a little fiend like his owner).

One day I pulled back the ingredients and all looked great. Except one thing that caught my eye: PHENOXYETHANOL.

I did some research and found out that this little chemical is “harmful if swallowed” and can cause “reproductive damage”.

In despair, I figured I was out of luck. I started using body oil, which I love and will recommend some in another post, but I missed body butter.

Then one day, at my favorite new grocery store, Madison Market, I found Alaffia Body Cream. Here are the full ingredients (no joke): Handcrafted Shea Butter, Vanilla Extract, Almond Essential Oil.

This product makes me one happy Emilady.