Smooth as Barry White’s Butt Voice

I hate shaving. I hate it so much. If I could be bald except for my head, brows (though I’d ask for some sparseness there), and eyelashes I would. If I can ever afford electrolysis I will get it. But I do it every night because I hate being hairy more than I hate shaving. Life is hard.

I was at Bed-Bath-and-Beyond one day to buy things I don’t need and I came across Lady Cremo Shave Creme. I thought the labeling was cute and it said “superior” in the tagline so I figured I might as well try it (Femilady = sucker).

It’s not immediately gratifying when you use it since it’s highly concentrated, there’s no fun foam, and you have to mix it with water to get it to lather. An extra step, gawd!

But once you start shaving you notice how smooth it makes your skin. And the after effects are even better. I have not had one nick or shaving rash (sans the bikini area, but it’s way better than before) and my skin is noticeably softer.

Note, I refuse to look at the ingredients because I love this product so much. I figure that I wash it off after 30 seconds anyways, so how bad can it be…famous last words…