Hemp Powder

= fleet enema

My dear friend told me I’m turning into a California soccer mom; fake blond hair, yoga addict, and I actually enjoy taking stuff like wheatgrass shots.

To add to the list, I’ve included Hemp Powder in my morning routine. Why hemp?

I’m sure.

Most protein powders and bars are filled with the nastiest crap ever. Here are a few examples:

ThinkThin Bars: oh yes, these taste delicious, they’re are so filling, and the protein content is so high! A dream for a lady who isn’t a big meat eater. But the best part (as advertised)? Zero grams of sugar. Then you take a look at the nutritional facts and something catches your eye…what’s sugar alcohol? These bars have 12 grams. Well, it’s this nasty crap that your small intestine can’t digest completely so it leads to bloating and bad bathroom business. And Maltitol (the fancy name) has a glycemic index of 52 and sugar is 60. Plus it has soy lecithin in it.  Gross, I hate you.

Like the unattractive boyfriend who’s actually the best thing for you.

Country Life Vegan Protein Powder: This is a much better alternative (no soy lecithin), but still has some of those damn sweeteners (though not as much): Xylitol and Maltodextrin. It’s not terrible,  but if I’m making the effort to ingest this stuff I want it to be as pure as possible.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder: Clear winner…not so much in taste or consistency, but because it has a ton of natural protein, omegas, 10 essential amino acids, and is easy to digest. Best part? Ingredients = Hemp protein concentrate (70% protein by weight) and natural plant extracts.

Why can’t ingredients always be this simple?