Lip Stain

I despise lip gloss. I don’t like how it looks, feels, or tastes (can’t be good for you!). But I also don’t like lipstick. It smears, isn’t hydrating enough, and lasts for 5 seconds.

That is why I heart lip stain. I heart it so much because I can apply it w/ no makeup and I don’t look quite as terrifying…I think…

Once it dries (20 seconds), I can then add my super duper wonderful Dr. Hauschka (doesn’t that sound like a German-Japanese surname hybrid?) or my Korres Lip Butter.

Now the trick is finding the right stain and the right color.

It took me a while to find and then fully commit to Stila. When I realized how wondrous lip stain was, I had to try everything. Here are the results:

Stila Lip Stains, on the other hand, go on smooth, stay on long, and they have a variety of colors to choose from. I have tried 6 out of the 8 colors and my favorite really depends on my mood or the time of year. Right now my favorite is Açaí Crush. In the summer, when I am no longer lady casper, I love Mango and Yumberry (this one needs a few extra coats, but is very natural looking).

Note, you can also use this on your cheek but I don’t recommend it (I looked clownish). I would recommend something like Aquablush if you don’t want to use a powdered blush. It’s nice when you just have tinted moisturizer on and want a little extra glow.