Pureology = pure bliss

I have crazy thick hair. Think the thickness of Mr. Ed’s mane + the unruliness of Weird Al’s yugoslav fro + the fugs-blah color of caca. It could be worse, I suppose…ref. C. Aguilera “Dee Snider”  era, N. Nolte mugshot era, D. Trump always.

My hairdresser & colorist, Janette, is not only a friend of mine but is also a saint for what she has to put up with: hours & hours of crazy hair. Luckily for me, we always have a grand old time at the salon, so it distracts her from the fact that my hair is a maelstrom of crazy.

Since I bleach my hair, I have to splurge on nicer hair products. And I need some chemicals to tame this chaotic muck (so doesn’t have to be au naturel like skincare). But I also care about consistency, smell, and overall feel. The Pureology line fits the bill. I trade off between the hydrate series and the platinum series, but they have lines for purifying, repairing, smoothing, and volumizing.

The line is a little pricier, but they’re so concentrated and effective that you don’t need to use much. It’s totally worth it.