Spring Cleaning: Sweat it Out!

Sweating not only keeps your body temperature in check, it also rejuvenates your largest organ – your skin. It eliminates waste, pollutants and toxins from your body. Plus, periodic purges through perspiration prevent the accumulation of these toxins in the first place and can also remove toxic chemicals and metals faster than any other method of natural body cleansing.

me want.

This little info gem from Pure Radiance reinforces the fact that working out or being rich enough to own a sauna is key. Since most of us aren’t cool/wealthy enough to own a personal sauna, I’d recommend some hot yoga.  I’m go to Urban Yoga Spa 5-6 times per week and it’s changed my life. Here are the benefits I’ve noticed:

Radiant skin: I’ve had a number of people comment on my skin’s ‘glow’ since I started hot yoga a year ago. I haven’t changed my skincare regimen dramatically and lord knows this lady isn’t getting any younger.

Heart rate booster: If I’m going to take the time to work out I want it to count. I’ve been an athlete for my whole life and nothing gets my heart pumping more than the heat + chaturanga dandasana combo.

Detoxifying: Need a hangover remedy? Go to hot yoga. I hate being hungover, but when I’ve had a few too many the night before (oopsies!) I force myself to go to a class.  I’ll enter the studio miserable and I always exit the class rejuvenated.

More flexible and toned: Nuff said.

crowin’ it.

Mental benefits: My stress levels have plummeted, I’m less judgmental, and I now value living in the “present” (instead of dwelling on the past or future all day). And after a long day of work, it’s great for mental clarity and peace of mind.

By the way, I totally want to be like this lovely Golden Girl when I’m an octogenarian. Check her out! Go Bette go!