Momma Debs and Babs Streis: A love story

I love unique-looking women. Whether they’re born beautiful but take I-don’t-care-if-I-look-weird fashion risks or if they have an unconventional look naturally and own it…it makes me happy.

So, really I love women who love themselves.

I have given my mom so much crap over the years for her Babs Streis obsession. Back in the 70s, she found out where Babs lived and put her resume in the mailbox. Her dream was to be Babs’ bitch (i.e. personal assistant).

Then I read an  article about Babs a few months ago and found out that she  has dealt with an immense amount of pressure to chop off her nose over the years. What a strong-ass women to say “no” that many times, to be willing to look different, and to love that she looks different. And, hello! She’s married to super hot old man babe Josh Brolin!

In honor of Babs and all the unconventional beauties out there, check out this Stylelist article showcasing “unexpeced” beauty icons.

My personal favorite “unexpected” beauty? Tila Swinton. It’s as if David Bowie & Annie Lennox had a magical baby, magically.