Hair Oil 101: Rapunzel or Drowned Rat?

Like face oil, it took me awhile to warm up to the oil + hair combo. I don’t want to look like I should be featured on “Intervention” as someone who refuses to shower.

Hair oil is tough because some should only be used as treatments (and  washed out before you show your face to the public). But there are some gems that will make your hair shiny, smooth, and ready for a night on the town:

Ojon’s Instant Restorative Hair Serum: this is wonderful as a leave-in treatment but do not use before you go out in public. I have really coarse hair and I have a lot of it, but this made my hair look really greasy. So now I use it right before I shower or overnight. Just make sure to wash it out in the am! And the price is quite reasonable.

Josie Maran’s Argan Oil: Great for travel since you can use it on your face and hair. And super cheap!

Unite U Luxury Argan Oil: Overpriced, smells like a Jr. High girl’s room (i.e. bath-and-body works), and not that great.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime: Amazing. Brilliant. I love you forever elixir of golden dreams. When I put this on after I dry my hair it doesn’t make it greasy and my hair is incredibly soft & shiny. It’s the only leave-in product I really use on a daily basis. Higher price point, but you don’t use much at all. My bottle has lasted me 8 months. If you need more info, check out these reviews from and Elle Magazine and Vogue.