Eye Makeup Remover

I am a lucky SOB and I get to work from home every day. Imagine (!), rolling out of bed, grabbing some coffee, hanging out with the fats (i.e. my fat cats), and wearing yoga gear all day while you work. The best part? I rarely have to wear makeup which is great for the bank and my face…not sure how my manfriend feels about it but my fats think I’m beautiful au naturel. So whateves…

On the occasion Grandma Emma (yes my cousins used to call me this) ventures to the bars (my fav pastime/hobby as long as it’s during hh) and has to paint her face on, she always takes off her makeup with Lancôme Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover.

It’s delightful. Doesn’t make your eyes sting, takes off really heavy makeup, and lasts a long time. Tip: take a cotton pad, soak it with the remover, and press it gently on the eye for about 20 seconds. It should remove most of the makeup, without requiring much rubbing. Do it!