Aveda Hair Gel

Goblin King approved.

I have used Aveda’s Confixir Liquid Gel since Jr. High when I used to wear soccer shorts and sambas to school. Hawt!

Momma Debs always had this in her cabinet and never said “no” when I asked to use it. But let’s be honest: (1) 9 times out of 10 this little turd brat here would use it at her leisure and (2) my mom would have NEVER said “yes” if the product made me looks fuggers.

So the smell of this product takes me back. Nostalgia abounds, so not sure you’ll have the same olfactory experience. I sometimes wonder if it’s like adults watching Labyrinth or listening to Erasure’s Oh l’amour for the first time. They just won’t get it. And it’s very sad to me.

But it really does work too. No crust, no dust, no muss. It just sits in your hair beautifully and gives it a very natural look and feel. And I’m sure it would work if you wanted to make a mop of craze like the Goblin King.