I love the sun so much.  So why am I in Seattle? Why? I don’t care that “it’s the most beautiful city in the world” when it is sunny. To live under a sky that’s as dreary as the pit of Eeyore’s soul 350 days out of the year is super lame.

So when the sun does come out on a weekend, I drop all plans and sit outside all day. I’m so vitamin D deficient I don’t care if I burn. Which is really stupid, I know. Not only for beauty concerns (wrinkles, sun spots, etc.), but esp. for health concerns.

Okay, I could wear more sunscreen, but I have a healthy distrust of the stuff. I am not a complete chemical phobe, but sunscreen is kind of nasty.

I read some of the EWG’s Sunscreen Report and there’s some very interesting research in there. I also read some articles poo pooing the EWG’s claims that retinyl palmitate (found in most sunscreens) can increase the risk of skin cancer and accelerate skin damage. Apparently, testing on mice isn’t enough to prove that this may be harmful to humans. Way to make those little rodents feel like all that testing was in vain US News. I really hate animal testing, but I really hate it when people underestimate the potential dangers of these chemicals to the general public. Why wouldn’t you encourage people to choose a product without the crap that proved to be harmful to those little precious rodent nuggets? Poor little guys. Ugh, this post is making me sad. Moving on.

So what’s a lady to do? Burn like a little chicken?

Fortunately EWG was kind enough to post a list of sunscreens that are low hazard. I’ll definitely be getting one of these before my trip to Hotlanta in a week.

please don’t test on me. i love you.

I’ve also always wanted to use Dr. Sears’ Solis or Radiance. The latter is actually in pill form, which would be glorious. I might just go for it since they have a great return policy (full refund within 60 days of purchase; and I’ve done it before without a hitch). I’ll post an update once I’ve used one of these products!

And a suggestion for EWG: test on humans next time. There are plenty of willing suckers out there.