Eyelash Curler

Since I work from home, I never wear makeup during the day. But before manfriend comes home or I head to yoga I always do 2 things:

  1. put on lip stain
  2. curl my eyelashes

I’ve already posted my praises about lip stain but what about eyelash curlers?

As expected I’ve used my fair share of curlers. It’s important to get a quality one. There’s a difference between gently curling and pinching. My experience with drugstore curlers (e.g. Revlon) and super cheap-o pairs (E.L.F.) involved a lot of pinching.

But it turns out price has nothing to do with it, since curlers from Shisedo, Shu Umera and Trish McEvoy failed to impress. Just okay. Lady likes to be dazzled.

It wasn’t until I encountered the Chanel’s Precision Eyelash Curler (yes, I was initially attracted to the name and how it looks) that I truly understood how essential eyelash curlers are to the beauty regimen.

It’s a bit pricier, but will last a long time. And it comes with extra pads that you can pop in when your original wears out.