Best Ever Green Tea

We all know Green Tea is good for you, so I’m not going to list all the benefits here. But if you’d like more info, the best article I found was this overview from University of Maryland Medical Center.

Now I used to despise Green Tea. It was like drinking flavored water without the flavor. But I wanted the health benefits it afforded (despite the fact that someone is disputing something about it all the time…yawn). So I kept searching for tastier versions and I found these little gems:

  • The Republic of Tea’s Blueberry Green Tea: I actually crave this stuff. You can really taste blueberries (not just blueberry flavor). Only downside is it’s a little pricey and I go through these cans quickly. They also have Pomegranate, Black Raspberry, and Acai flavors.
  • Numi’s Toasted Rice Green Tea: Soooo good. It is so satisfying, it almost is like eating something (not quite, but close). But if you’re not into nutty flavors, it may take some getting used to.
  • The Republic of Tea’s Green Rooibos is awesome since it contains rooibos which is filled with antioxidants and helps digestion. Has a different taste, but I like it especially since I know it’s good for me.

And I haven’t tried Plantain Coconut Green Rooibos but putting it on my “I Want” list.