Baby Lady Day

I’ve never been a big “kids” person. I think will like my own, but I have never been a big fan of screaming, crying, snot-filled kids (esp.  in droves).

Well, that was the case until May 8, 2010. Emma Grace, my niece-soulmate-beauty queen-baby lady, was born.  If I ever have a daughter I already feel sorry for her since I love this chunk nugget chunk more than my fats (fat cats).

On her day of birth, I’d like to offer some beauty/health advice per il mio piccolo carciofo:

  • water, water, water
  • exercise is just as important as eating healthy
  • don’t eat anything that consists of more than 8 ingredients
  • don’t put anything on your face/body that consists of more than 8 ingredients (except makeup…you can cheat on that one).
  • avoid diet sodas/foods
  • bread, wine, and desert (in moderation) are keys to happiness
  • always eat breakfast
  • keep your vices to a minimum, but it’s normal to have a few (handbags, wine, E! News)
  • don’t bite your fingernails
  • a well-read lady is a beautiful lady

And always remember Auntie Em loves you!