I heart my momma lil’ debs

I love my mom. She is one tough cookie and has told me to suck it up at least 70,000 times. I like to feel sorry for myself sometimes, but hearing my mom say “well, at least you have all your limbs” really puts everything in perspective. I’m a better person for it.

Other reasons why I love my mom (to name just a few):

  • never pressured me to marry (holding out till I get knocked up like a good 21st century gal)
  • raised me to be polite & considerate
  • taught me how to be “Jersey” when needed (aka don’t piss me off)
  • showed me how to be a good hostess
  • originated the “Ketcham Pour” (i.e. wine pours up the the brim)
  • forced taught me to never give up
  • emphasized the importance of taking care of your body inside and out

So, for Mother’s Day, I wanted to share my mother’s best beauty tips. I didn’t always take them seriously (or well since I can be super emo), but in hindsight…she was always right.

  • don’t over pluck your eyebrows (can you blame me though?)
  • always wash your face
  • always put on moisturizer in the am and pm
  • always have a bottle or glass of water with you
  • don’t wash your hair everyday unless you have to
  • always put hand lotion on
  • less is more
  • all trends die (for a little while at least)
  • don’t chop your hair (i.e if you have a big face like me and thick hair it doesn’t work, trust me).

Here are some other tips from some famous mommas, courtesy of Stylelist. I love you Mom!