Body Scrub-a-Dub: Revisited

Sometimes products are like those beguiling-yet-treacherous manfriends of yesteryear. We’ve all had that one who pulls that damn wool over our eyes! They’re totally great and you’re so happy with them…tra la la..until you find out they’re harboring a deep dark secret…for example:

And boy can I relate Mary, Buttercup, and Selma…well, mainly on a product level.

So my love affair with Giovanni’s Body Scrub ended tragically when I noticed something amiss in my bathtub. At first I suspected manfriend of leaving a gnarlsy film in the tub post shower. But then I remembered he’s cleaner than I am, so I had to rule it out. How about the brother fats? Are they rubbing their greasy, hairy bodies all over my tub? But then I realized there was no hair and that’s simply too much activity for them and it’s not part of their routine: couch – food bowl – litter box (repeat).

It took Sherlock here a few days to realize that the culprit was Body Scrub de Giovanni! Curious case of gnarlsy tub film solved.

I was so annoyed since I loved the way it made my skin feel. But I had to find a new scrub, especially since it’s shorts/skirts/dress season. So I scooted over to le hippie market, scanned the aisle and saw an old, familiar friend named Weleda.

I love their body oils and lotions and have given products from the baby line to a number of mommies to be. I even have a friend who uses the baby face cream on her own lovely mug. Never tried it, but check out those amazing ingredients!

So I figured I might as well give the Birch Body Scrub a shot. The result? Smooth, soft skin, an invigorating scent, and no gnarls film! I have a keeper.