Suki Skincare’s Guide to Caca Synthetic Ingredients

I’ve been wanting to post a list of skincare ingredients to avoid, but I have been really lazy. And it’s a lot  of research, which I like to do, but sometimes this stuff is best left to the experts. Enter Suki Skincare and their wonderfully awesome table of products to avoid (even alphabetized).

I came across it while reading about Model Skin Secrets. One model recommended Suki and noted how it was organic and that you could buy it at your local Whole Foods (which is awesome for people like me who dislike buying online). Definitely a line that’s going on my I Want list, since it’s “100% synthetic-free & organic ingredients” and is mid-range price wise. I’m in the market for a new serum, so thinking I’ll give the Bio-brightening serum a try …a try before I buy of course!

So sit down with your products (at the very least your face and body moisturizer) and run through the list. If it contains more than a few of these synthetic ingredients, I’d toss it (note, however, some of these ingredients are worse than others). Easier said than done, but just think of it as a skin diet: putting the purest of the pure on the outside, since it eventually makes its way inside. Helps to think this way especially if you’re using products that are carcinogenic, genetically modified crap, toxic, or are derived from animal fat…gnarlsers all the way.