Hourglass Eye Liner

I didn’t start wearing eyeliner until a year ago. I always liked a natural eye with bold lips, but I was really afraid of the Tammy Faye Baker eye post smudge for fear of my eyes looking like, well, Tammy Faye Baker  post smudge (RIP tfb).

That is, until one day I was targeted by a visiting Sephora rep. She offered to do a quick makeover (“5 minutes, promise!”) and I responded “no thanks” since I was set in my ways. Then she said I had amazing eyes and since I’m always the sucker for flattery I obliged.

At first, all was well. I liked the eyeshadow colors she chose, but then she reached for the eyeliner. I broke a sweat envisioning myself looking like a huge ass raccoon-cry-baby-lady by sundown.

I said “no” as she wielded the eyeliner stick. Then she said “it would bring out my beautiful eyes”. Damn flattery fairy put me under her spell and once again! So I obliged. The result? Really subtle application, but it made a huge difference. And it really did bring out my eyes!

The key, however, is to get the right eyeliner. I use Hourglass’ Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner on my lid and Script Precision Liquid Liner for my bottom lid.

They aren’t the longest lasting, but if you keep them upside down it does give you some extra mileage.

I’ve also hear great things about Tarte’s multiplEYE and Chanel’s Liquid Eyeliner. I’m a fan of the marker/felt tip liquid liner, but if you have any recommendations, post away!