Pureology Strikes Again!

My enthusiasm for Pureology rivals my enthusiasm for the brother fats. It’s pretty much unconditional love at this point.

I was a little hesitant, however, to try their precious oil since my experience with oil + hair has been hit or miss. What if I didn’t like it? It would be so sad to dislike just one item in their line.

Admittedly, my first attempt at using it wasn’t so great. I loved the smell, texture, shine, etc. but my hair seemed more weighed down than usual.

Well, guess why?  Einstein here forgot that Pureology’s products are very concentrated…a little goes a long way. Facepalm-in it. So the next day I put in 2 pumps instead of a 5. The result? Brilliant shine and no weighed down locks. And even tree huggers love it because it’s paraben/silicone free and all ingredients are 100% biodegradable.

And I can’t get over how much I love the very subtle smell. I want to bottle it and wear it as a perfume. I could be that girl who just “naturally smells good”, but the joke would be on everyone since it’s impossible for me to smell good naturally. A lady can dream.

So let me end this post by emphasizing that quality products from reputable lines like Pureology are ultimately more cost effective. You use less since the ingredients are higher quality and the effects are more visible. This isn’t always the case (some are just higher priced because the brand name), but I can vouch for I-would-love-your-face-if-you-had-one-Pureology.