Facial in a Bottle: Sunday Riley’s Good Genes

You know those days when you wake up and your hair looks really good? Or your skin is especially luminous? Those are always fun little surprises (unless you’re still a wee bit tipsy from the night before…you could be beer goggling yourself).

Most of the time though, my reaction to my early am face is “meh” or “bleh”.

But what if you could have that glowing non-“meh/bleh” face whenever you wanted? Well ladies and gents you’ve got it with Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. When I used it the first time it looked like I just got out of a facial. My skin was dewey, plump, and luminous.

I don’t go ape-shiz and use it every day (it’s an investment, but a worthy one). So  I only use it before special occasions: night out with the ladies, night in with man friend, and will use it for my bestie’s upcoming summer wedding! Maybe that would be a good pre-wedding gift…hmmm…

I’ve heard varying times for leaving it on, but I just give it 30 minutes post shower and then remove it with my Caudalie toner.

Head down to your nearest Barney’s (aka the beauty enthusiast’s Disneyland) and ask for an application or sample to see the super fabulous results for yourself!