A Capt. Skeptical Investigation: Oolong Tea = Weight Loss?

Since it’s swimsuit season (unless you’re in Seattle aka Gloomcrap City USA), thought it would be a good time to post on this little keeper about Oolong Tea.

Not a believer in “weight loss” shortcuts or that there’s some fat zapping panacea in existence. It’s really healthy eating (and I mean organic, whole foods NOT diet foods) and exercise.

But those of us who have passed the 20 something mark, often have those little trouble spots here and there.

So if there is an all natural item that could help my lil’ booze pouch (without foregoing booze) I’m on it!

Green tea has been all the rage for like 10 years now and I totally love it (ok, learned to love it). But I came across this very interesting article on Oolong Tea, which is essentially a black-green tea combo (and tastes like one too!).

Here’s a little snippet of how Oolong aids in bustin’ some fat:

When you eat certain foods, the level of insulin in your body increases. And this creates energy and heat. As your body temperature goes up, your metabolism starts to kick into high gear. That’s when you start using the fat in your cells for energy.

The higher the thermic effect of the foods you eat, the easier it will be to get rid of any excess fat. Proteins are great for producing a high thermic effect. They take longer to process in your body and create more heat. But fat, on the other hand, is easily processed by your body and produces very little thermic effect.

The problem is, the common “diet” in our modern world is full of processed foods with little protein, so it can be difficult to trigger thermogenesis with the foods you eat alone.

A simple and quick way to activate thermogenesis is by drinking good old-fashioned tea. And there’s a certain type of tea that stands out from the rest when it comes to helping you melt away excess fat.

It’s called oolong tea.

Okay, great, but why does it bust the fatness? What makes Oolong so special? The article continues…

The catechins in green tea help you melt fat, but the flavonoids in black tea help you keep it off. Numerous studies show that these powerful antioxidants help block starches from being absorbed into your body. And if the starches aren’t absorbed, they can’t turn into fat.
Oolong tea falls somewhere in the middle of the two.

So instead of Green Tea (or in addition), I think I might start incorporating Oolong back into my daily routine.

Again, definitely not the secret to a swimsuit ready body, but couldn’t hurt. Plus, tea is always better to drink than soda (esp. diet, yuck), juices (usu. 10% juice), and dairy (if you think a glass of cold milk is disgusting like me…unless it’s filled with chocolate syrup!).

Here are some other listed benefits of Oolong Tea. According to a  variety of sources, it may promote:

  • strengthens bones
  • prevents tooth decay
  • promotes heart health
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • treats skin disorders (e.g.  eczema )
  • de-stresses