Dry Shampoo Review and Trick

Dry Shampoo is a magical wonder. I would have killed for a bottle back in the day. Sometimes you put too much product in your hair (and it looks greasy). Or it’s finals week and you’re too busy to wash your hair (and it is greasy).

I have tried my fair share of Dry Shampoos over the past few years. Here are my thoughts:

  • Good: Bumble and bumble’s hair powders are pretty good  but a bit pricey and are aerosol, so you can run out fast. And the colored versions can show up on your clothes (but can easily spot clean). Ojon’s Dry Cleansing Powder works well, but not a huge fan of the scent. And if you don’t have any Dry Shampoo handy, I’ve used Baby Powder before and it did the trick.
  • Bad: I try to be positive most of the time, but you must know that TRESamme’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoo is a bottle of suck. It made me look like I sprayed my hair with super sticky hairspray with a dull, white-gray film. If I wanted to look like George Washington with breasts and a lady booty, I’d rather don a fancy wig like him. Sorry drugstore beauty product lovers, this is yet another strike against them for this snobster.

  • Best: Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Dry Shampoo. Makes your hair look, smell, and styled like it was just freshly washed/blow dried/curled. I opt for the powder since the can runs out quickly.

Okay, so how about application? This took me a while to figure out. I always applied the powder unevenly (so it got in my part and made me look like I had a really pale head) or I just made a mess all over my bathroom.

Then I figured out the ultimate trick.

Take a paddle brush like Mason Pearson (I have my grandma’s, which I cherish forever) and  lightly sprinkle the Dry Shampoo powder on the brush as evenly as possible. Then apply through the hair and you’ll get a nice, even application.