Posh Pedicures

pedicure Summer = it’s time to show your feet. Unless you dig the sweating in my shoes feeling.

I have the same snob attitude about where I get my pedicures as I do my facials. I like to be in a nice, comfortable environment (i.e. no cafeteria-like setup). I like to be in a place without those weird radiation machines (or whatever they are). And, most of all, I like a clean facility.

So on a gloriously sunny day my dear friend and I embarked–not to a cheap, back alley nail salon–but to a fancy spa so we could be  pampered and not leave with a foot disease (seriously, make sure you check out reviews & the health code history of salons before you go). Cheap doesn’t always = happiness.

If you’re in the Seattle area, you have to try the Peach Cosmo Pedicure  at Hotel 1000 (same place where my spa homies saved my skin). It comes with one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had (white peach cosmo), a mimosa (boozetastic), and of course a luxurious foot extravagana.

$50+ may seem like a lot, but have you ever had a pedicure last more than a week and a half? I haven’t at any hole-in-the-wall. Not one chip, smudge, nothing.

I apologize for the weird feet pics I am about to post, but I have to give proof of how flawless and durable this pedicure is.

Doesn’t my second toe look like ET’s finger? They’re total fuggets, but the polish makes them less horrifying.

In all seriousness, isn’t that crazy how good the polish still looks? I walk to and from my yoga class (25m), do hot yoga almost everyday, wear cheap-o flats from Urban Outfitters (much to manfriend’s chagrin), and still it’s still immaculate. Perfect for weddings, vacations, and summer!!!

So remember peeps: Pamper yourself and spend the extra $15-20, do your research on salon reviews and health standards, and–if possible–get one that offers a peach cosmo!