Beach Waves for Inept Hair-Handlers

jack waves

proof that I can style my own hair. but really just too cheap and lazy to get a stock photo.  so you’re stuck with femilady and fat jack.

As mentioned in my rave about Bumble and bumble, I am not good at styling hair. I’m good at taking care of it and keeping it healthy, but I’ve always been a big ball of lazy when it comes to making it look fancy.

Then last weekend I realized a good hairstyle can really make or break a look. I figured I’d take 30 minutes and see what would happen.  The result? I felt like a million bucks during lady happy hour.

I’m not into the super-sleek-straight look on me due to the big face. And I have always been partial to a natural wave because my hair has multiple identities: wavy in the back + straight in the front = hot mess.

Because I am not the most knowledgeable person about how to style hair, I’ve been doing some research and came across this great tutorial from on how to get Beach Waves.  Easy instructions to follow (complete with a slideshow of pics) even for the ham-handed hair-handllers.

My favorite part is that they have different tutorials for different hair types. It drives me insane when there are one size fits all tutorials, especially for hair. Having thick hair myself, certain products and techniques just won’t work for me if they’re intended for someone with fine or curly hair.

Here are 3 different tutorials depending on your hair type:

Now if only I could find sun and a beach where I could show off my beach waves…sayonara Seattle (well, someday)!