Skin Highlighters

highlighterFortunately it’s no longer 1999 and I won’t post about how to don face glitter for the homecoming dance.

My girls and I would pack on that stuff. Our faces (and bathroom countertops) always looked like they were glitter bombed.

These days I still love some shimmer, but I opt for the more subtle, less-sparkle-motion highlighter.

I like liquid more than powder highlighter since I find it easier to apply on my cheekbone, brow bone, collarbone, and Cupid’s bow.

My favorite highlighter? Benefit’s High Beam. It provides a subtle glow without being too noticeable. I apply it right after I put on my Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer.

A fresh, beautiful glow without looking like a godforsaken glitterzon.