Checkmate Stila: By Terry’s Lip tint is the shiz

I love Stila’s lip stain. The acai crush has maintained a longstanding spot in my makeup bag and it will continue to for some time. But sometimes I’d like a more subtle “I look this way naturally” look.

Enter By Terry’s Aqualip Jelly Tint. My dearest friend and I came across this golden nugget while perusing the Barney’s makeup counter.

I almost didn’t try it because I’m such a Stila devotee, but once I put it on, the verbal reaction was “it’s so pretty…in a sweet way”.

And that’s how I feel when I wear it. Almost so natural you wouldn’t know I was wearing anything, but provides that beautiful flush to the lips that’s just a few shades above natural.

It only comes in one color, so definitely try it before you buy it worthy, but it endures a few glasses of wine, a shower, and even a hot yoga class (tried it yesterday and lips were still pretty in pink).