New Obsession: Eyelash Extensions


For the love of god! I have another beauty addiction. It’s like dyeing my hair blond. I have to do it. I’ll starve first!

Not really, I heart food too much. Maybe I can forgo my vino habit to supplement my new addiction? Never! But I have to figure out a way to keep these fancy lashes…time to sell some old clothes and books.

When I first heard about fake eyelashes, I thought of that one person in the media who’s famous for some unknown reason, but to each his/her  own…

Not a fan of the spider look, but I have some friends who have gone the extension route and they look amazing.

ick, before

ick, before

So I bit the bullet–I figured old lady here needs to stay hip with the trends–and booked an appointment at Wink salon.

I was initially terrified of someone being all up in my eye business. I’ve seen A Clockwork Orange!

Thankfully it was not like that at all–or at least it wasn’t with my new homegirl Tova who owns the joint.

Absolutely painless and the time flies by (appointments range from 1.5-2 hours) if you have someone fun to chat with. Or you could just pass out and sleep I guess!

And before you take the plunge, you can determine the type of lashes you want. I opted for the more natural look and that’s exactly what I got.


Check out the before/after shots. I have received numerous compliments (most people couldn’t put their finger  on it, but mentioned I did something fancy to myself). And I wear barely any eye makeup–so no more mascara or eye makeup remover, which saves some $.

Here are a few things to note before you take the eyelash extension plunge:

  • The extensions–synthetic fibers–are applied with a surgical grade adhesive that is totally safe for your eyelashes and eyelids.
  • The extensions fall out when your natural lashes have “completed its lifecycle”.
  • Avoid applying mascara–esp. waterproof. But you don’t need it anyways which is awesome.
  • You need to avoid extreme temperatures–saunas, hot yoga–48 hours after application. The adhesive is still “adhering” so these temperatures could interfere with their durability/longevity.
  • Extensions last around 3 weeks, so make sure to stow away some funds per month for touchups–but sooooo worth it.
  • Before the procedure don’t curl your lashes or wear mascara
  • No smudging, budging, or flaking. Perfect for weddings, beach vacations, or Nicholas Sparks movie marathons.