Can someone named “Dorco” improve my shaving life?

I hate shaving. I really, really hate it. But I do it every day because I hate stubble and hair even more. If I could be bald everywhere but my face and head I would go for it. Electrolysis is femilady’s ultimate dream–yeah I know I need a life and a soul apparently.

But anything I can do to alleviate the daily drudgery of this routine in the meantime is great. For one thing, I’ve found the best shaving cream in the world. But I hate these dumb razors that cost a buttload even at my beloved costco!

Then “Dorco Shai” started following me on Twitter. When I first got the notification I thought to myself “that is an unfortunate first name; what terrible parents would name their child Dorco?”

Once I went to their page, I realized it was the name of the company–so no evil parents here. It’s huge in Asia and Europe and is making its debut in the US.

Here are the cool things about it:

  1. 6-blade razors (mine only has 5)
  2. Costs around 30% less than the razors I currently use

Here’s the downside: I have to buy online, which I hate doing.

But Femilady is on a quest to provide a better shaving experience for herself and I want to share it with all you fancy-awesome people. Once I receive my very own “Dorco” I will try it and review it. Fingers crossed!!!