How to Untangle a Rat’s Nest: Carol’s Daughter Leave-In Conditioner

When I take out my hair tie after a hot yoga class, my hair looks something like this.

If I jump in the shower without brushing my hair out first, the rat’s nest only gets worse and looks something like this.

So I have to brush out the tangly mess before I hop in. It’s a burden for my arms since the knots are huge and for my hair because of breakage, etc.

That is until one day I realized that I should be using leave-in conditioner on my hair first and then brush through it. But I didn’t want to pay a ton for a leave-in and I wanted something I could use post-shower that wouldn’t weigh down my locks.

I’ve had great success with Carols Daughter’s Monoi Repairing Hair Mask and it’s very affordable. So I thought I’d give their Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner a try. It’s really light, but really effective.

Pre-shower I spray it directly into my paddle brush and it glides right through my hair. And post-shower, it does the same thing without giving me a greasy, flat mop.

Plus, it smells delicious! And did I mention it’s only $12? And did I mention that they offer free shipping and 10% off every order if you become a member (free of charge).  And you can get it at Sephora too!

Just thinking about this line makes me super jazzed. Femilady majorly hearts Carol’s Daughter.