Lip Plumpers: Absolutely Essential or Absolutely Evil?

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the body.  Lips have no oil glands so that’s why they’re more prone to chapping than other parts of the body. So it’s kind of a mystery to me that we’d put products on our lips that are full of “irritants” and can cause drying and chapping.

What’s also strange to me is the “plumping” ingredients in a lot of these products–like cinnamon and mint–only provide temporary plumping results (as in a few minutes). In addition, a lot of the popular plumpers contain some nasty ingredients that you probably don’t want to ingest–at least on a regular basis. breaks it down:

LipFusion, one of Sephora’s top-selling products, contains microscopic dehydrated collagen spheres (derived from fish) that are instantly absorbed by the lips, where they become rehydrated and help lips retain moisture. The result is fuller lips and smoothed wrinkles, but the trade-off is a heapful of parabens you’d probably rather not ingest.

With that said, fuller, plumper lips are fun to have for a night on the town! So used sparingly, I say go for it. Just remember this rule of thumb:

The best you can do for your lips is to look for the purest formulas and apply plumpers with natural irritants in moderation. Overuse can lead to nasty side effects like lip ulcers at the corners of your mouth.

Well, that sounds lovely. Think I’ll stick with some more natural products like Be Fine’s Lip Serum. It does have mineral oil, but the ingredients look pretty good in comparison to other lip plumpers. Then again, if you’re just using it for a night out (and not overnight), you’re golden.

And if you have recommendations let Femilady & the readers know by commenting below! I have yet to find one that I’d use on a regular basis that isn’t too glossy, irritating, and drying.