If you enjoy suffering camping, Femilady has some tips for you.

Femilady would only go glamping, but still would prefer a hotel. Credit sweethomestyle

If you really dislike me and would like to see me suffer, put me on a camping trip. I love the great outdoors, but I really love a nice bed, a shower, and a roof–not a tarp–over my head while I get my princess beauty rest.

I can handle one night, but only if I have some whiskey to make me pass out–which probably isn’t super safe in places devoid of hospitals BUT wildly abundant with hungry bears, poisonous berries, treacherous ravines, and insane ass insects.

Two of my dearest lady friends are camping during this weird mid-week 4th of July holiday and I am anything but envious. I’ll be singing karaoke, playing bar trivia, and passing out on my huge tempurpedic mattress!

But I’m a supportive friend who will still offer some beauty/health advice for these types of outings even if camping is the antithesis of Femilady’s idea of a good time.

Sick! This was in Washington too! Credit CoastToCoastAM.com

So what’s the lamest thing about camping? IMHO it’s the bugfest. I’m torn because I don’t like to kill bugs, but I also don’t want them all up in my face. Bug spray would be the obvious alternative to insect homicide (insecticide?), but most bug sprays contain DEET which effectively wards off insects but has these not so awesome effects:

As a precaution, manufacturers advise that DEET products should not be used under clothing or on damaged skin, and that preparations be washed off after they are no longer needed or between applications. DEET can act as an irritant; in rare cases, it may cause severe epidermal reactions.

Uh, what? You’re not supposed to put it “under clothing” (i.e. on your skin) even though bug spray is supposed to go on the skin? I’m totally confused.

Then what’s better? Killing them or putting toxic sludge on your skin? Most non-crazies would say the former, but this crazy–who feels terrible killing a gnat–would say neither!

Thank goodness The Well Daily has found some natural insect repellents. And you likely have the ingredients already to make up at least one of these magic simple potions.

Here are the materials/ingredients you’ll need:

Option 1: spray bottle + vanilla extract
Option 2: spray bottle + witch hazel + essential oils

Here are the directions:

Option 1: Add 2 tsp of vanilla extract to the water-filled spray bottle. You might smell like a baked good, but you’ll keep the mosquitos at bay!

Option 2: Fill the spray bottle with equal parts of water and witch hazel, then add 10 drops of essential oil. You can add more or less essential oil at your discretion. We recommend citronella, lemon grass, lavendar or eucalyptus—mosquitos hate these scents!

Well that sounds easy, safe, and effective!

Note, this is not Femilady tested since (1) I don’t camp and (2) I don’t live in a bug friendly climate. So if you try it out, let me know what you think!