How to Avoid the “Sun Shine” Look

we found sun in a sunless place

Well, well, well. It was sunny in Seattle yesterday. And it’s supposed to be sunny here for a week straight. Freaky….

Not holding my breath, but just in case a miracle occurs and the sun sticks around I should prepare the mug so it doesn’t get shine-tastic, especially during all day BBQs, pool/beach parties, boat outings and rooftop deck sleep-drinkfests.

Now I don’t have oily skin and only need to use blotting papers on occasion (Ooo! I’ll be posting on my favorite blotting papers soon…stay tuned!).

But lord knows that when the sun is shining and it’s warm everyone falls victim to the maddening makeup melt.

So what is a lady to do at these fun summer events–besides going au natural which is simply no fun?

Check out these 6 tips from Stylelist on how to keep the shine at bay during these summer months:

Switch to an oil-regulating cleanser. This is your first line of defense when it comes to starting the day off shine-free — and keeping it that way. Your face wash should contain ingredients like salicylic acid or purifying clay which will clear pores and stave off excess oil.

Follow up with a toner, but avoid alcohol-based or extremely-astringent products. Anything too drying will cause skin to overcompensate oil production, leaving you more shiny in the middle of the day. Look for equally-effective treatments that contain tea tree oil or calendula extract which will balance and mattify the skin without stripping all the good natural oils.

Exfoliate weekly A gentle scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, which will not only prevent breakouts, but will make all the oil-controlling products you apply afterward the day much more effective.

Soak up excess oil with a once-a-week clay-based mask. Another important step for clearing pores: This will effectively help shrink them, which will in turn regulate oil production.

Invest in a translucent primer or powder to wear alone or under makeup. Former pressed powder offerings tended to feel a little… matronly, and often let the skin looking cakey. Same for earlier versions of primers, which could produce somewhat flakey results. The latest formulations, however, are non-drying and most importantly, look just like your skin — but less-oily, of course. It will take a little leg work in order to find out which product is best for your skin type.

Keep blotting papers at the ready. Seeing the oil transfer from your face to the little pocket-sized squares couldn’t be any more gratifying. Plus, you can rest assure your makeup will be left intact.

Read the rest of the article for some fun product recommendations. Summer of beauty, here we come!