Necessary or Not: Fancy Eye Roller Applicators

I like you eye roller, but are you necessary?

I’m finally getting into the eye cream game.  I’ve been seriously stubborn about this one, thinking that whatever moisturizer I use on my face is good for my under eyes.

Well…not necessarily true.  It’s very different skin that needs different treatment. Would you put hand cream on your face? Maybe you do, but it seems quite kooky to Femilady here.

I’ll discuss further when I do my first ever eye cream extravaganza review…coming soon!

In the meantime, check out this massive archive of eye cream reviews to see how your treatment stacks up!

What is it with these applicators though? When I went on my eye treatment journey I encountered some of these strange–if not gimmicky at first glance–rollerballs that looked like roller perfumes. And so I went on a feminvestigation–even though it’s really sunny at the moment which makes me incredibly lazy. But for the sake of beauty and all that is beautiful I pushed ahead.

The result of this very important research? Lameness. I’m not really convinced one way or the other that the “silver tipped applicator” is the key to bright-eye success.

Here are the reasons to use that weird metal rollerball applicator thingy:

  1. It’s more hygienic. I wash my hands, especially before applying my face cream, but fingers near the eye area is often no bueno. Eyes are very sensitive and if you do not have the fairy finger touch like Femilady here your clunker fingers might stray and get a wee bit close to the eye. A little extreme yes, but best to keep those pretty peepers happy and healthy
  2. It improves microcirculation. If you get a silver tipped applicator–La Mer has a great one if you can spare $165–it has cooling elements which aids in application and penetration.

too many balls / you scare me

Here are the downsides:

  1. Rollers don’t come with a lot of  good eye creams. Most of the good eye creams I’ve been using are sans these silver tipped rollers. Luckily in my not so spend thrift days I acquired a nice roller from La Mer that I still use to date. But it makes me wonder why so many companies forgo the roller. Perhaps it isn’t all that necessary. One wonders…
  2. Some rollers can harm the eye area. Found this interesting article reviewing some of the top eye treatments out there–most are drugstore buys so snobersnoot here can’t attest. Apparently, a lot of these applicators harmed the skin in the eye area. Remember the skin under your eyes is really sensitive so pressing it into the skin gently with a finger–or a Q-Tip if you’re unsteady hands mcgee like yours truly–might be a better option.
  3. Rollers can boost the price. Not only that, but you probably can’t get every bit of the product out from the pen-like formulas. And that makes Femilady crazy!

Yeah, so that’s all I’ve got. If you know of any other pros/ cons let me know. Because this feminvestigation is not over till the cat lady sings!