Savior Salve for Sunburned Skin

When Jack Frost peaces out each spring, I often switch up my skincare routine. In the winter I like to use oils and heavier moisturizers since I have really dry skin. In the summer I prefer a lighter moisturizer and serum.

But thank goodness I keep my “winter” skin goods around. I got a wee bit too much sun this weekend and my skin was so parched and flushed. It was very, very angry with me.

Lest my skin seek retribution by (1) peeling, (2) staying red, or (3) breaking out, I decided to preempt such disasters by applying a thick and soothing moisturizer called Cold Cream by one of my favorite lines Weleda.

It was instantly soothing and since my “Sunday sunburn sinfest”, I have had no peeling, discoloration, or blemishes.

In addition to just being awesome, this product is freaking cheap by Femilady’s standards–the cost of 2 glasses of house wine–and the ingredients are ab fab.

I’ll be writing a full post about Weleda soon to praise its glorious gloriousness. In the meantime, check out Cold Cream, especially if you’re going to sun your lovely mug anytime soon.