How to be a more Beautiful Person

There are plenty of ways to be more beautiful inside and out. But here’s one quick and easy way to be a better, more beautiful you…buy from brands that don’t test on animals.

It’s hard to be perfect about this, I know. I’m sure we all have some products that don’t fit the bill. Plus some companies may not test on animals–like the Body Shop–but their parent companies–like L’Oreal–do.

So this is more of an encouragement–kind of like being “ingredient aware”–to be “cruelty free aware” when purchasing makeup, skincare, and haircare products.

One of my favorite beauty bloggers–Beauty Fool–made this great list of companies who love cute creatures for cuddling NOT testing. Check it:

Note that this list is not comprehensive–but it highlights a lot of brands Femilady hearts big time.

If your favorite products aren’t on here, you can search here or here to find out whether or not they’re bunny-mice lovers.

Not convinced or think it’s too much work? Time for you to visit this site.