Fact: Dorco Shai Makes Shaving Less Annoying

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m no fan of shaving. I’m still crossing my fingers that one day I’ll wake up and “poof!” I’m permanently & entirely bald except for the head mane, brows, and eyelashes. Weirder things have happened.

But, before I’m featured in the Weekly World News (a lady can dream!), I will at least try to make shaving as enjoyable as possible.

And that can be achieved by 2 things: (1) using the best shave cream in the world and (2) using the lady razors from Dorco Shai.

Here is why I love Dorco Shai

  1. They offer 6 blade razors; Gillette Venus razors only offers 5 blades max. An extra blade = closer shave.
  2. The one I chose called “Smooth Touch” gets into those pesky nooks and crannies, especially in the good ol’ pit of the arm. I always felt other “fancy” razors had a really fat head and made shaving in those areas really difficult.
  3. They are cheaper. Up to 30% cheaper. And up to 45% cheaper if you use this awesome promo code WOMEN15JLY through July 15th!