Yes, It’s True: Less is More

For a makeup/beauty enthusiast, less is more can be tough since there are so many fun products out there!

But from a young age my mom and dad encouraged my sister and I that an au naturel look is always better than Tammy Faying the mug.

So my idea of beauty is rooted in the belief that while it’s fun to accent what you’ve got, it’s never good to hide what you’ve got under mounds of makeup–unless it’s a blemish of course.

This is probably why I find public figures like Kate Middleton to be so beautiful. Natural, elegant and she always looks like, well, herself.

There are some people, however, who think that her makeup is “a little dated” and have submitted images of how she could “improve” her look:

© M&S

Uh…did they consult an 5-year old child on makeup application and colors (no offense 5-year olds)? So confused.

I think what a lot of us regular–but extraordinary–ladies forget is that a lot of the more “made up” may look great in pics (…well maybe not in all cases), but in person you’d be frightened or concerned if your friends were wearing that much makeup.

In sum: have fun with makeup, but don’t let it take away from YOU looking like YOU.

And if you have a young daughter and she wants to wear makeup before YOU’RE ready, watch this video with her. So sweet.