Oribe: Nonpareil Haircare

I can’t stand it when I fall in love with something that is so out of my league. And I’m definitely not talking about men. My “league” in this situation = my precious Marc Jacobs pocket book!

Yes, Jo Lo. My love does cost a thing for Oribe. Make it $59. But it’s worth every penny. Gawd, my mom is going to kill me if she reads this.

But it’s not my fault. Oribe makes the most fantastic hair masks–or masques, whatever–of all freaking time!

My fav is the Masque for Beautiful Color but the Signature Moisture Masque is also totally awesome. I just like the former because it’s good for bleached out color treated hair. Here’s why:

  • It smells like heaven. And the smell persists for the whole day
  • A little goes a long way. It’s so concentrated that you only need to use a small amount each time.
  • Instant gratification. In the shower, you’re hair is instantly silkier and smoother. And it detangles instantly.
  • It doesn’t weight your hair down.  Even though it’s super hydrating, you won’t get the drowned rat look.
  • It’s a dream whilst styling. Hair is shiny, smooth, and simply beautiful.
  • It is sans some nasty ingredients. You won’t find parabens or sodium chloride and it offers UV protection for hair.

If this price is out of your “budget league”, here are some fantastic, cheaper options. But if you want to splurge on the finest haircare product Femilady has encountered, choose Oribe.