Makeup Prep 101

I love getting ready for a night on the town. I bust out my “dance party” playlist, have a little glass of wine, and play dress up makeup!

But before I apply the first dab of makeup, I make sure to prep the face so it’s like a smooth canvas.

It’s so key, since it will help with a more flawless and longer-lasting application.

Here are Femilady’s steps:

Start with a clean palette: If you applied makeup earlier in the day, it’s always a great to start with a freshly washed, toned,  and moisturized if possible. Layering new makeup on old makeup never seems to produce a nice fresh look.

Exfoliate: In the shower I’ll exfoliate using my beloved Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder. This will slough off any dead skin, so you’ll be flake free–nothing worse than flakey skin that’s obviously covered in makeup. Note, unless you have a gentle/awesome exfoliant like Tatcha’s,  I do not recommend exfoliating every day. Some exfoliants are way too harsh anyways, so consider replacing those…be nice to your skin! Read more here and here.

Avoid Masks: Don’t dry out your precious skin with a heavy mask, unless it’s a hydrating mask like Arcona’s Wine Hydrating Mask. I also love putting on Sunday Riley’s Good Genes 30 min before showering for a nice, beautiful glow.

Moisturize: Always wear moisturizer before applying your tinted moisturizer of foundations. First, there is nothing worse than a dry-feeling face (except dry-looking which you could get if you skip this essential step!). Enough said. It’s non-negotiable.

Wait a few…If you apply moisturizer, primer, eye cream, serum, etc. wait a few minutes before applying foundation, tinted moisturizer, powder, blush, etc. You want the moisturizer to completely penetrate your skin so you don’t don the smear look (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

Apply Makeup Post Hair Drying:  This is important, especially in the summer when your abode gets a little warmer. If you just applied makeup and then break a teensy sweat, your made up mug could conjure up thoughts of this.

And did I mention some music and a little wine always makes for a fun makeup pre-party? Just not too much wine so you don’t beer-goggle yourself!