I Want: Trish McEvoy’s Little Black Card

I have a ‘purse only’ lip stain and balm so I never leave home without them.

This isn’t the case for eyeshadows and bronzers. Who wants to carry all that around? And then, if you have a big ass purse like me, stuff gets lost in the vortex of lady goods.

Plus, these items can break if you’re a bit tipsy careless with your lady bag at times.

The August 2012 issue of Allure featured the cutest, teensiest makeup palette. It’s so adorable that I squealed (yes, I am one of those people that squeals with delight when I see little baby lady/baby man clothing and shoes).

Appearances aside, Trish McEvoy’s Little Black Card quite practical. It has everything from eyeshadows to concealer, so you’ll never need a clunky makeup bag filled with your full size products again.

There are a lot of pretty-pretty colors that fold out into 2 tiers. Allure and Makeup Artist Troy Surrat break it down:

Eyes: ‘Tap on one of the powder shadows to instantly help restore eye makeup that’s melted away,’ says Surrat

Cheeks: If your skin gets shiny, sweep on the blush/bronzer duo for a more polish finish.

Lips: Transluscent pink and mauve glosses look pretty alone or layer over almost any lip color.

Skin: ‘This concealer can cover up spots, blotches, and even rogue bug bites,’ says Surratt.

And it’s so teensy it will fit in a teensy clutch! I heart teensiness–unless it comes in the form of cats, paychecks, or wine pours.