Celeb Repurpose Tip: Rosebud Salve

Fact: if you can repurpose a product–even if you don’t use it for what you originally purchased it for–it’s worth every single penny.

Last month, I wrote about reusing your back-of-the-drawer products. But I love it when I hear of cool celebs doing the same thing.

Word on the street-or according to Fashion Indie–Miss “Get this Party Started” herself, Pink, uses the widely loved Smith’s Rosebud Salve on her heels before her beauty rest.

Pink applies Rosebud Salve to her heels before bed to wake up with baby-soft skin.

Femilady uses her leftover Aquaphor, which works quite well and is essential for summer feet showings, but I’ll definitely be checking out the super cheap $6 Rosebud Salve next time.

Adding it to my list of “to buys”.