Hair Breakage Lameness

On the lower-back of my head, I have this lame little patch of breakage in the lower layer of my hair. I know exactly why…hot yoga + hair in a bun = grumpy hair.

With all that sweating and moving around the bottom bits of my hair get lazy tired and just give up break off.

But what’s a girl to do?

According to New Beauty, breakage is often a result of having too much moisture or too much protein in your hair.

To test, wet your hair, grab a strand, and–with fingers separated at about one inch–give it a tug.

if hair breaks right away it doesn’t need more protein, it needs more moisture…if it stretches far with or without breaking then it needs more protein. Hair that has the perfect balance of protein and moisture will stretch out just a little bit and then return to its normal length without breaking.

I did this test and apparently this lady needs more protein in her hair diet!

To add more moisture to the hair, they recommend It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In. I’ve tried it before and really liked it primarily because it’s multipurpose!

For the protein deprived locks like mine, they recommend the version with added keratin.

And for more information you can watch the whole video on hair breakage at!