How to Get Over the “Cocktail Ughs” (aka Hangover)

hooray (night of) / boo (next day)

When the sun is shining and parties are raging, it’s hard to not have a cocktail in hand.

It always seems like such a great combo that afternoon/evening, but never feels like such a great combo the next am. Especially if you’ve been partying in the sun all day at your bff’s bachelorette party. Yes, I felt not so awesome yesterday am.

It’s rare, but on the occasion the sun-booze combo makes me want to punch myself in the face the next day, I have a go to cure: hot yoga.

The first 5 minutes are brutal, but once the toxins start getting pushed out I feel 100% better.

But I know not everyone has the time to head to the class (20 min) + get through class (60-90 minutes) + head home (20 min) + shower (10-20 min).

Don’t fret. My homegirl Lauren from I.Am.You. yoga studio in NYC has a free and totally awesome online session that’s just a little over 8 minutes long.

And I know not everyone drinks, but this works for the day after eating crap McDonalds-y junk, drinking crap like Diet Coke, or feeling the “b” word (bloated…sorry it’s such a gross word).