Pits of Despair: Battle of the Deodorants

let the games begin!

Deodorant is consistently one of the most disappointing products out there.

I have yet to find one that…

  1. makes me somewhat dry
  2. makes me somewhat stank-free
  3. is sans the bevy o’ gnarly ingredients

I’ve hear botox in the pits of despair does wonders, but poison near lymph nodes seems like a bad idea.

Well, if you’re still in the competitive spirit from the London Olympics and sites like this aren’t fueling your fading torch fire, welcome to Femilday’s Deodorant Olympics–hosted, tested, and obnoxiously commentated on by yours truly.

Here are the competitors:

Femilady disqualified all Secrets, Doves, Degrees, and Sures based on their large levels of suck in terms of ingredients and effectiveness. And I had to exclude deodorants–cough Tom’s–that make me smell like a…smelly person (usually I’d say dirty hippie, but I don’t want to offend my mom and my dad’s brother who helped make hippies hip back in the day).

I’ll be testing for the next few weeks and will post my results. Stay tuned…