Line Launches to Look Forward To

I love new line launches, especially if there is a beauty royal or fashion fixture at the helm.

Here are my top 3 lines to look out for:

AERIN by Aerin Lauder: Okay, yeah the name says it all. Aerin Lauder is the granddaughter of the Estée Lauder. Aerin has made a name for herself, however, as the creative director for the monster sized company before embarking on her own beauty venture called AERIN beauty. Just check out that pretty, pretty packaging. The elegant/regal quality makes me want to tote it around in my tote.  And the colors are so incredibly soft and natural. Available for pre-order at Neiman’s.

I will have one of the Weekend Style Palettes please!

Makeup by Marc Jacobs: No updates on this since it was announced April 3, 2012 but I hoping it’s out for the holiday season or at least before the apocalypse. Guess what will be on the top of Femilady’s “Santa” or “We’re all going to die, let’s spend all our money” list?

Karl Laugerfeld for shu uemera: We’ve got a rough date for this one: November 2012! As reported in SassyBella, Sir Karl admits that he has used shu eyeshadows for his fashion sketches for many years:

I design with shu uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colors.

So Karl decided, what the “h” I want to create a 17 piece collection. No presale items yet, but I shall patiently await this arrival…