Chanel’s Natural Finish Loose Powder

I’m not a huge fan of the matte makeup look, but when I want a more refined, put together mug, I reach for my Chanel’s Natural Finish Loose Powder. It sets makeup and gives a a polished, but never cakey look.

It’s also translucent, so it doesn’t alter the color of your foundation or tinted moisturizer. Here’s the down low from Chanel:

Ultra-soft loose powder provides sheer, light coverage with a soft matte finish, setting and perfecting makeup as it evens skin tone. Photo-reflective pigments help disguise imperfections without emphasizing lines.

In terms of application, I learned a great trick on application: to make sure the powder doesn’t settle in creases, puff your face out like, well, a pufferfish when applying. It will give you a smooth, even finish and it won’t settle into those little wrinkle lines.
It’s definitely worth trying out, especially because it takes over a year to go through one of these. And like most things Chanel, it’s simply fabulous.