Makeup Brushes 101: The Basics

Variety is a good thing, especially when it comes to makeup brushes.

Over a decade ago, I realized that my beloved big fat bronzer brush that I used throughout High School was not very effective for spots that require more detailed application (i.e. cheeks).

It really didn’t help that I rarely cleaned it, so it was covered in fanta-hued bronzer. Sick.

Unfortunately, I was a tad bit naive and assumed that I needed a full set of brushes to tackle every tiny section of my face. After a few years, I realized that I only needed 3 brushes: blush, bronzer (not one that was larger than my face), and eyeshadow.

These are the 3 that work for me, but finding the brushes right for your makeup routine, depends on the kind of makeup you wear.

For instance, when I used foundation for a small period of time, a foundation brush was essential. Now that I wear tinted moisturizer instead, I just apply it like any other moisturizer.

But before you embark on a new brush bonanza, do your homework and assess what you really need. If you don’t, you might get suckered into buying a bevy of brushes, most of which you won’t ever use. I have about 6 that just sit there.

If you want to earn an “A+” in smart shopping, reference M.A.C.’s Brush Finder before you buy. It has almost every type of brush imaginable, and you can get application tips and more detailed information by clicking on each one.

You’ll notice that they’re a bit pricer, but if you’re using them everyday and want them to last a long time (without leaving you with brush hairs all over your face), they’re a worthy investment.

The brushes I use are all M.A.C. and I love, love, love them. After a decade of use, they still perform like pros.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about brush care and why it’s super important!