Makeup Brushes 102: Quality Care

Real Simple puts it best when they describe cleaning makeup brushes:

Cleaning your brushes is a lot like flossing your teeth. We know how important it is but we don’t do it as often as we should.

Femilady is guilty on both counts!

But seriously, doing thorough cleanings of brushes is annoying. There’s a lot of dry time, so you have to plan accordingly–have you ever tried applying blush with a wet brush? Hello, hot mess.

It is, however, absolutely essential to clean your brushes. All the bacteria + product build up can = uneven application and breakouts.

So I always thought my two options were either breakouts or hot mess makeup when cleaning day arrived.

That is until I saw this awesome brush-cleaning video tutorial from Real Simple.They recommend just a light-spray cleaning weekly and just one deep cleaning monthly.

Spray with brush cleaner weekly: Once a week, spritz the bristles of your makeup brush, making sure to dampen both sides if the brush is flat. Wipe a clean cloth with the moistened brush until the brush comes clean.

Deep clean monthly: Run the tips of the bristles under warm water. Pour a little baby shampoo into the palm of one hand. Holding the brush in the other hand, swirl the bristles around in the baby shampoo. Rinse the brush by swirling in a bowl of clean warm water. Use a cloth to wipe the brush clean; then lay it flat on a cloth to dry.

For the weekly spray-down, I use Laura Mercier’s Brush Cleanser. And for the monthly deep cleanse, I use M·A·C’s Brush Cleanser, but I’ve heard gentle shampoo works great too.

So while taking care of your brushes is absolutely important to “protect your investment”, you can “simplify” your process using Real Simple’s recommended regimen.