Practical & Pretty: Eyeshadow Palettes

Over the years I’ve acquired a few eyeshadow palettes (my favs are YSL’s Ombrés 5 Lumieres Palette  and Two Faced’s Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection). But I buy them for one or two shades and will ignore the others. Not incredibly practical, but Femilady has never claimed to be practical when it comes to all things beauty.

But I like to make her own New Years resolutions throughout the year, and I’ve decided that being practical can be pretty.

So my first task is to rediscover precious (albeit neglected) gems in my mini-Sephora–aka my bathroom countertop & drawers.

Enter eyeshadow palettes.  I opened up my YSL Ombrés 5 Lumieres Palette and it was practically new. Yes, I had used the lighter color for my inner eye and brow bone, but there is still so much to work with.

Then I realized the problem: I never really learned how to use it. Sure, I know to avoid the darker colors in the inner eye area and brow bone, but with 5 options in one palette I didn’t understand what went where.

I did some research and found a really awesome video tutorial on how to use eyeshadow palettes from celeb makeup artist Jhizet Panosian (btw, check out how awesome her hair is; Femilady wants!).

Sure my colors are different than the ones Jhizet uses, but it provides a general guide for any makeup palette.

Moral of the story, makeup palettes aren’t just random combos of different eyeshadows. Each little color serves a purpose to achieve a fabulous, but uniform look!